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The Phantom Enforcer - Book 2 (e-book)

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A supernatural journal. Two kids in over their heads. Can they lead a new Chicago police officer to success in the dangerous south side of the city?

Danielle and Noah’s curiosity gets the best of them when they find another magical diary about an officer’s second year in the country’s second-largest police force. While Dani comes to grips with being a minority female in a male-dominated profession, Noah joins the story as a phantom with unique magical abilities. They soon discover that their past trips have caused unforeseen historical consequences, including introducing an evil phantom with lethal powers.

They must now figure out how to return to the part of the story they interfered with and fix their mistakes. The kids seek help from the strange bookstore owner, but the spellbound solutions are risky and untested.

Can Noah master his newfound phantom powers to save the townspeople stuck in the books?

The Phantom Enforcer is the action-filled second book in the First Responder fantasy series. If you like adventurous kids, clever humor, and pages jam-packed with suspense, then you’ll love J.W. Jarvis’s blending of reality and enchantment.

3% of all book sales go to First Responders Children’s Foundation, which provides financial support to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Buy The Phantom Enforcer to put on a hero’s uniform today!

A series for the whole family: children, teens and adults.

The adventure awaits:

  • Immerse yourself in this adventure, packed with mystery, humor, fantasy and action.
  • Discover a vast and fascinating supernatural world, filled with heroic, unique, and brave characters.
  • Experience adventures, friendship, magical spells, supernatural occurrences, challenges, and relentless action.
  • Live an adventure with two young adults you will fall in love with.
  • Enjoy Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, and Heroism.

About this series:

Genre: Contemporary fantasy, action & adventure, coming of age, fantasy & magic.

Audience: Middle-grade, teen, young adult, adult.

Setting: Present and the past. The present is set in a quaint coastal beach town. The past is in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the south side of Chicago.

Reader age: 9-100+

Explicit language: None.

Completeness: It is a trilogy

Similar/influenced by: The Land of Stories, A Wrinkle in Time, a young adult version of Magic Tree House

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