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LIMITED TIME: Paperback purchases made here include a First Responder bookmark!

LIMITED TIME: Paperback purchases made here include a First Responder bookmark! ⋆

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What readers are saying

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I am a fussy reader. Not just any book will make my favorites list. For me, a book must have the complete package if I am going to continue to read more books from that writer… and if I am going to recommend that book to others.

The Phantom Firefighter has everything.

— Eric Meyers

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This was a well-developed fantasy story with great character development as well. The author had me rooting for the characters in this book. If you want a great read for a great escape, I think you'll enjoy this one.

— Patrick Webster (on The Phantom Firefighter)

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What I love most about it is the well-developed characters, the fast-paced and engaging plot filled with unexpected twists, and the witty dialogue that adds a delightful touch to the story. 

— Marnie David (on The Phantom Enforcer)

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